Wander Wednesday – Travels with Friends with Tails

A year ago I adopted a bouncing baby boy dog that my daughter named, Koa. He is a real gem and a lot of fun! He has been on a few road trips so I am planning more adventures with him. I am just so thankful that his car sickness seems to be done (just ick). I came across this awesome website and had to share! … Continue reading Wander Wednesday – Travels with Friends with Tails


Friday Foodie – Salsa Verde Chicken Soup

I just returned home from a week long visit with my mom. My son has been tending to her veggie garden this summer and there was a bumper crop of tomatillos (I noticed at my local market that there is a plethora of these pretty little gems at a great price right now). Mom whipped up homemade salsa verde that I packed up and took home with me. I … Continue reading Friday Foodie – Salsa Verde Chicken Soup


Wander Wednesday – Missing Helga

I miss Helga. I hope she misses me too. Helga carried everything I needed for my trip; warm weather gear, cold weather gear, work out gear, and more. I carried her for miiiillllleeeeeesssss! She never complained (my feet might have though). FYI – Helga, a Deuter pack  came from REI. Make sure you get the right one for you with the right fit. This time … Continue reading Wander Wednesday – Missing Helga


Wander Wednesday – Globo Gym

“As much as you might expect a rant about how globo-gyms are destroying what being ‘fit’ truly means, I’m going to blow your mind: the difference isn’t the gyms, the difference is you. What is different is your view of fitness, your capabilities and motivations, and what you think you need to get into shape.” Lately, I have been hearing and reading a lot of negative … Continue reading Wander Wednesday – Globo Gym